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Take your perishable fulfillment network to the next level.
We strive to provide full transparency throughout the whole fulfillment network across carriers, fulfillment centers, and other vendors.

How much perishable product do you ship monthly?

1,000-2,000 shipments per month. Growing business.

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Cost per shipment for companies like you

Last Mile Shipping

Coldcart offers optimized last mile shipping at competitive rates, whether through our partner locations or your own facilities. Calculate what your cost would be from our partner facilities. (You can still use Coldcart if you have your own fulfillment centers. Get in touch to learn how.)

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Full control of order flow from the shopping cart to your customer's front door

  • Shipment-level optimization. Routing and packout rules. Weather-based rules and monitoring.
  • Realtime operations intelligence. Live order tracking. On-time delivery monitoring. Inventory and lot code tracking.
  • 'One and done' integration. Multi-carrier support. Shipping label and pick list generation. Automated communication with vendors. Support for existing first-party and third-party providers.
$1.00per shipment

Fulfillment (optional)

If you're looking to expand your network, take advantage of 99% of U.S. coverage thanks to Coldcart's fulfillment partners.

  • Capacity expansion and augmentation. Nationwide 3PL coverage. Refrigerated line haul access.
  • Managerial leverage. Single bill across all services. Recurring efficiency opportunity analysis and reports.
Pick & Pack
$6.00per shipment
$25.00per pallet
$40.00per pallet

These are estimated prices.
All prices are subject to approval upon signing.

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Ready to take your perishable fulfillment network
to the next level?

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How is Coldcart different from a 3PL?

      Coldcart does not own or operate any physical fulfillment centers. Instead, we have built a network of preferred 3PL fulfillment partners and final mile carriers with the specific needs of perishable shippers in mind. Beyond the fulfillment and shipping services many traditional 3PLs offer, Coldcart’s routing and optimization technology provides the best possible delivery solution for your unique needs.

    • What shipping carriers does Coldcart work with?

      We work with many national, regional, and sub-regional last mile delivery carriers. If your preferred carrier isn’t in our current partner network, they’re likely to be added soon!

    • How do we integrate with Coldcart?

      Coldcart supports most commonly-used systems like Shopify, Salesforce, WooCommerce, Shipstation, and others. A public Web API is also available if you work with a custom or built-in-house system.

    • How quickly can we be up and running with Coldcart’s services?

      To take advantage of our routing and packaging optimization services, you can be up and running within a day! Getting set up with our fulfillment and shipping network usually takes 1-2 weeks.

    • Do we have to use Coldcart`s shipping rates, or can we use our own?

      We bet you’ll want to use our rates, since they’re some of the most competitive in the industry. That said, Coldcart’s platform is flexible enough to work with your rates.

    • We love our current 3PLs/fulfill all orders ourselves. Do we have to change facilities to work with Coldcart?

      Not at all. We can augment your network where needed and the Coldcart routing technology will optimize across all available facilities.

    • What 3PLs does Coldcart work with?

      Our preferred 3PL network offers locations in key metropolitan areas and provides 2-day shipping coverage for 98%+ of the continental U.S. Reach out to find out more!

    • How much can we save by working with Coldcart?

      The short answer is “it depends”. We’ve seen reductions of 50%+ in shipping, packaging, and handling costs. Coldcart clients also experience increased customer retention rates due to improved on-time delivery and optimized packaging.